Caroline Rose

For fans of:Shovels & Rope, Ryan Bingham, Lissie, Deer Tick, Hurray for the Riff Raff

I Will Not Be Afraid is the official debut album by Caroline Rose, a fiery 24 year-old songwriter and self-proclaimed “failed scholar and modern-day hobo.” Rose earned degree in architecture from a small liberal arts college, then abandoned it all. Raised on rockabilly, vintage country and blues-infused rock, Rose describes the 11 songs on I Will Not Be Afraid as “postcards I’ve picked up from along the road.” Living in her van, traveling and touring constantly, the album chronicles Caroline’s wandering years; a disillusioned youth constantly demanding freedom and the most from life. Written and arranged by Caroline Rose and co-produced with multi-instrumentalist Jer Coons, “Blood On Your Bootheels,” the first single and the album opener, was inspired by the Trayvon Martin slaying and Rose’s own passionate reaction to violence and intolerance. You can hear the single plus six more songs from her live-wire national debut. I Will Not Be Afraid leaves no doubt that this girl has a lot to say.