Ciera Kensington

For fans of:Katie Herzig, Ingrid Michaelson, Colbie Caillat, Jillian Edwards, Lenka

The Short Bit:Ciera Kensington is a 27 year old singer-songwriter currently based in the Tampa, Florida area. She sings acoustic/folk/pop music and is currently working on new music for 2019.

The Long Bit:Born & raised in Wichita Falls, TX, Ciera Kensington grew up with music. She started singing at a young age and her grandmother passed down her guitar to her on her 13th birthday. She took lessons for six months and then continued to learn by teaching herself some of her favorite songs. During this time, she also started writing her own songs.

After graduation, Ciera went to Dallas Baptist University to major in Christian Studies/Music Ministry. Feeling like she couldn’t pursue music in a college atmosphere, Ciera left after one year with a plan to move to Nashville.

During her year after leaving, Ciera released her first four songs titled “Storybook EP” on iTunes. “Storybook” was later re-released on Noisetrade with a bonus track, where it was featured on New & Notable.Shortly after moving to the Nashville area, Ciera had her second 4 song release in 2013 “Thieves & Dreams (acoustic) sampler” as a Noisetrade exclusive. A song from that release (“Sailing”) was the soundtrack for the Ruche Spring Lookbook Ad.The following year brought the release of a Christmas collection “A Kensington Christmas” for a limited time on Brite Revolution. She also did a limited run on Brite Revolution with all of her music available for free. During Ciera’s time on Brite Revolution she was often in the top ten and it wasn’t surprising to see her at number one when something new was released.Ciera has also released singles such as, “Dance With You” on iTunes and “Stick Around For Awhile (live)” as a free download exclusive.

This Christmas (2018) she brought back her limited release Christmas collection for a re-release on Noisetrade.

Ciera Kensington is currently based in the Tampa, FL area with her husband and baby girl. She is working on new music for 2019!