Mike Graff

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Missing someone on your worship team? Fill your sound, kill dead space, and transform your worship atmosphere in minutes with ambient worship pads.

As worship leaders, your time is valuable and so are your worship services. That's why we've worked hard to create the absolute best collection of worship pads for you, and show you how you can quickly & easily transform your worship environment.

What are Pads? Pads (also called pad loops) are audio files (MP3s) of atmospheric, textured sounds. When you play the pad MP3 underneath your other instrument, it makes your music instantly become deep, full, and ambient. Pads fill your sound, enhance a mood, and kill dead-space, no matter what key, tempo, or song arrangement you're using. Another way to think about it is this: PADS MAKE IT SOUND LIKE YOU HAVE SOMEONE PLAYING KEYBOARD PADS (IN THE RIGHT KEY!) AT ALL TIMES. THEY ARE A WORSHIP SERVICE GAME-CHANGER.

Download the free NoiseTrade sample pack today and start transforming your worship atmosphere right away!