Courtney Jaye

For fans of:Neko Case, Grace Potter, Jenny Lewis, Dolly Parton, Jessie Baylin
“I’m done apologizing for writing big songs – I don’t want to be afraid of that,” says Nashville-based singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye. Ready to unleash her latest long-player Love and Forgiveness on May 7, 2013 via Tropicali Records, the big talent she’s been hiding is about to be let loose. “I’ve always wanted to find a way to not be afraid of pop,” she adds. “That’s the music I love.” Co-written over the last three years with Thad Cockrell, Kristen Hall (Sugarland), and Bryan Cates, Love and Forgiveness is an organic and rootsy album that recalls the classic 70s-inspired pop of her heroes Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, The Band and Fleetwood Mac. From the cool and breezy opener “Ask Me To,” to the bouncy “One Way Conversation” with its epic guitar hook, to the tropical country centerpiece “Summer Rain,” to the direct emotional tug of “Say Oh Say” abd “Morning,” Love and Forgiveness perfectly showcases Jaye’s smoky and sky-reaching croon which cuts through the speakers with a freewheeling, unmistakable focus. “I wanted to make a record that was modern but also had those classic undertones,” she tells USA TODAY’s Brian Mansfield. “The songs, she adds ‘harken back to melodies from the ’70s. There’s a common thread that reminds me of music from that era’.” USA TODAY is premiering the video (director: Seth Graves) to her first single “Say Oh Say” today, featuring legendary “couture cowboy” Manuel who is credited for outfitting Johnny Cash in his trademark black suits, crafting Elvis Presley’s signature white suits, and creating the Grateful Dead’s roses and skeletons insignia, among many other iconic pop culture references. You can watch the video here: Born in Pittsburgh and growing up in musically rich settings of Athens, GA, Flagstaff, AZ, Austin, Southern California, and even Hawaii (Kauii to be exact) before settling in Nashville, Jaye’s musical palette is fueled by her immersion in the regional sounds and scenes she’s experienced. Along the way, she has collaborated with the likes of Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Matthew Sweet, comedian Stephen Lynch and members of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That broad range of experience and musical interests comes together beautifully on Love and Forgiveness. Produced by Mike Wrucke (Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert), Love and Forgiveness boasts a cross-section of veterans and top younger players including drummer Fred Eltringham (Dixie Chicks, The Wallflowers), bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing, Fiona Apple), pedal steel virtuoso Greg Leisz (Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Springsteen) and guitarists Josh Grange (The Jayhawks, Pistol Annies) and Neal Casal (Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson). It will be released on May 7, 2013 on Tropicali Records.