Daniel Clark

For fans of:Delirious, Gungor, David Crowder Band, Matt Maher, One Sonic Society

Led by the musical vision and creative songwriting of Daniel Clark, the Doxology EP project is filled out with amazing talent. Daniel Grothe, drummer for the Grammy-nominated innovators of modern worship, Gungor, provided the backbeat. The rest of the musicians come from local and regional favorites like Andy Shaw Band, Black Dog Circus, Evan Oberla Project (EOP), Mojoflo, O.A.R., and The Wet Darlings, as well as worship teams at three churches. A highly sought after engineer and producer, Jay Alton, brought the sound together.

There are 5 songs on the EP. 'This is My Story' is a re-visioning of the classic Fanny Crosby hymn, 'Blessed Assurance'. 'Doxology' is a Trinitarian call to worship that moves with great energy. 'We Will Live Again' is written for and about the victims and survivors of human trafficking that Daniel has known and served. 'Overwhelmed' is a finite prayer to an infinite God. The EP closes with 'Glorious One', a song about creation and justice that begins classically and ends surprisingly.

contact: danielclarkmusic@gmail.com or 614-648-3663 /// www.danielclarkmusic.com /// Words & music by Daniel J. Clark ©2012 sadiesingssongs. All Rights Reserved. /// Produced and Mixed by Jay Alton www.danielclarkmusic.com /// Mastered by Brian Lucey /// Design by Chad Flanagan www.danielclarkmusic.com /// Jay Alton - electric guitars, keyboards, vocals; Julie Alton - vocals; Daniel Clark - vocals; Daniel Grothe - drums; Rich Johnson - vocals; Walter Kolhoff - saxophone; Jenny Lute - vocals; Tim Magree - keyboards, piano; Evan Oberla - trombone; Matt Paetsch - bass; Chris Shaw – violin; Nate Slemmer - acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel, banjo