Diseases of the South

For fans of:Low-era David Bowie, Moderat, Massive Attack, Atoms For Peace, St. Vincent

Diseases of the South (DOTS) is an idea. An idea of exploration. Songs are never finished products; they are suggestions of what might be. DOTS use recordings as jumping-off points. A basic song idea is expanded by adding textures and melodies, changing the structure, experimenting with new sounds, or adding a layer of visual effects. And these expansions are done live, so the audience experiences new configurations with every performance. Diseases of the South is a one-man operation that primarily works with loops, vocal layering, and electronic production equipment to build songs. Both music and found sound bring inspiration. DOTS' aesthetic sensibilities descend from the loop layering of Andrew Bird and Tune-Yards, the sonic expansion of electronic artists Stimming, the Field, and Deadmau5, and textured jams of bands like Radiohead and TV on the Radio. Diseases of the south tries to incorporate all these ideas and add a visual aspect through projection that will expand with every performance.