IR::Indigenous Resistance

IR 45 Caleta Dub Mixtape: Analog*ana At The Controls

 IR 45 Caleta Dub Mixtape: Analog*ana At The Controls by IR::Indigenous Resistance
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DanceDrum & Bass
For fans of:Asian Dub Foundation, Lee Scratch Perry, John Trudell
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  1. IR45 Caleta Dub Mixtape
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This is an IR ::Indigenous Resistance mixtape that was created with the intention of being a FREE download.If you wish to give a tip to support the human rights related work of IR thats up to you and at the same time we encourage you to support the work of our conspirators like Asian Dub Foundation, Dr Das, Deeder Zaman,On u Sound, Christiane Delores,Dj Soundar, Jah9 , Dubdem soundsystem,InBassion ,Sawandi and other dub artists.

Caleta Dub is a new IR release dubbed from previous tracks by Colombian dj Analog*Ana. She did the mix the old fashioned, Jamaica dub way, completely live, from exclusive material from the catalogue of IR and some of their musical conspirators like Asian Dub Foundation.

IR stands for Indigenous Resistance as well as Resisting Injustice.

Caleta Dub also features a brand new unreleased track "Land Grab" featuring poet Yadira De La Riva with music and production by Herman" Soy Sos "Pearl.


1. Brothers And Sisters : IR, Deeder Zaman (Burning Babylon Mix)

2. Jericho : Asian Dub Foundation (Conscious EP Mix)

3. Routes To Rootz : IR feat. Chuck D., Augustus Pablo, Mikey "Dread At The Controls", Benjamin Zephaniah

4. Modern Apprentice : Asian Dub Foundation

5. Dub mentality : Asian Dub Foundation

6. Mapalé Dub : DTZ

7. Culture move : Asian Dub Foundation feat, Navigator

8. This Land Is Not For Sale : IR & Asian Dub Foundation (No .Fraid For No Tear Gas Mix)

9. IR Communiqation Patriarchy Mix : IR (Tapedave Treetop Mix)

10. Land Grab : IR feat. Yadira De La Riva & Herman "Soy Sos"Pearl

11. We R Valuable : IR feat, Jeannette Armstrong, Gregg Young-Ing, Vison Band

12. Galdino Truth Is What We Need Dub : IR feat Sawandi, Jah9 (A Delroy 'Fatta" Pottinger Dub Mix)

13. Tattoo Dub : IR feat Christiane D,Soy Sos & Tohununo (Soy Sos Mix/Tapedave Edit)

14. Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 : IR feat Deader Zaman & Zumbi. (A D. Watts Riot Mix)

15. Sacred Dub for Nelly Stahrre : IR teat Tohununo, Dr Das, Jimmy Dick (Dr Das "African Anarchist Mix"

16. IR Dravidian : IR feat Dj Soundar & Dutty Bookman (Dr Das "Dub Of Simplicity' Mix)


>> Mixtape recorded by Analog*Ana at Noiz Lab, Chia Colombia <<

>> Emergency track location, relaying across borders and timezones: Tapedave [product] <<

>> Assemblage influence: "Resurgence" by Dark Millions <<

>> Dub inspiration: The new IR book Ethiopia Dub Journey II by Amastara & Dubdem. <<

>> More available from <<

>> Liner notes, visual assemblage: Tapedave [product] <<

>> Special thanks to Roadblock Dub Collective in Indonesia and InBassion Crew in Colombia who hosted simultaneous gigs that were webcast to celebrate the launch of this mixtape. >>

>> Caleta Dub mixtape front cover designed by Tapedave. <<

>> Collage art for the background for Caleta Dub page was designed by Dubdem and is an excerpt from the book "Ethiopia Dub Journey II" <<

DanceDrum & Bass
For fans of:Asian Dub Foundation, Lee Scratch Perry, John Trudell
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