Fiction Family

For fans of:Switchfoot, Nickel Creek, Wilco, The Band, The Jayhawks
Fiction Family is the adventurous, acoustic-oriented collaboration between Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek's Sean Watkins, who, utilizing what little time they had between tours, began creating homemade recordings back in 2005. Though their busy schedules made for slow writing progress, by January of 2009, the two had readied a self-titled album full of acoustic chord progressions, harmony vocals, and eclectic instrumentation. Their sophomore effort, Fiction Family Reunion, is set for release in January of 2013 on Rock Ridge Music, and features new, full-time members Aaron Redfield and Tyler Chester, who previously toured with Foreman and Watkins. While on the road, friendships were born and an earthy, eclectic live sound developed that defines the music on Fiction Family Reunion.