George Prewitt

For fans of:linkin park, matt mercado, led zeppelin

George Prewitt began singing along to the radio as a kid. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Dio, etc were the first real influences. It wasn't until he met Matt Willens, that he truly began a career in music. Matt had played guitar for years and would practice in his dormroom at Northern Illinois University. He and George would take current songs, change the lyrics, and play them for a small group of friends. It was comedic and entertaining. They decided to try and put a band together. The musical journey began with their first band "Euphoria." They added Dan Gross on bass and Eric Jensen on drums. Their very first performance was a battle of the bands of the campus of NIU. To their surprise they won first place. They started playing at local bars at the University. After graduating, they all went back to their homes in Suburban Chicago. They changed their name to "Edge of Earth" (EOE) after discovering several bands with the name "Euphoria."

They spent several years touring the Midwest, including Chicago venues such as: The Avalon, Thirsty Whale, Malo's, Synergy, The Metro, and several others...The core lineup of George, Matt and Eric remained for years while rotating several bass players: John Tellone, Dave Hood and renowned Chicago Bass Player Joey Del Real. EOE had several hit songs including "Fireangel,", "Grand Bluff," "Twinkee's Dead," among others. Their strength was their live performances. On stage antics remain confidential to this day, unless you were one of the lucky ones to experience it live!!

EOE recorded their first demo tape with the now famous Johnny K (Disturbed, Finger 11). It consisted of 4 songs including the bands' marquee hit "Fireangel." They recorded their second demo tape at Break Through Audio recording studio in Chicago, Il. The second demo introduced Joey Del Real on bass adding a rich, darker side to their sound.

The band split when George moved to California. It wasn't until a decade later that he would return to music with one of Chicago's finest- Matt Mercado. Matt had a lifelong career in music. He fronted the bands Daisy Chain, Mindbomb, Pivotman, and now Supermercado. Dubbed a "musical genius" by many, George selected Matt to work with him on his return to the music business. In 2004, they recorded 4 songs together at Symptomatic Studio in Oak Park, Il. It wasn't until 2008 that George put out his first compilation CD "Sprinting through alleys." The album is a mix of EOE songs and Pivotman covers that showcased his vocals.

In 2009 George again teamed up with Matt Mercado to cover the Mindbomb hit "Prepare yourself!" George also co-wrote the song "Lifelessness" with Matt, his first writing credit in the new millenium. If you like the music of George Prewitt, you must check out Matt Mercado. Matt has been a great influence on George's style throughout his career.

George now calls Lexington, Kentucky home although he frequently returns to Chicago to record with Matt Mercado. Only releasing studio material in the past few years, there will likely be a return to the stage for live performances. Stayed tuned with this website. It will be a show you won't want to miss!!