Giants & Pilgrims

For fans of:Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Adventure Time, Vampire Weekend, Tim Coons

Giants & Pilgrims is a marriage of art and music.

As a collaborating couple, Betony Coons is primarily a visual artist and Tim a musician. Under the name "Giants and Pilgrims" they have created: Almanac No. 1, an album and art series.

(Their new art and music project "Becoming" will be released in October of 2015).

SOUND: Giants & Pilgrims' sound is that of Indie Midwest Toy-Chest Folk. Their first album Almanac No. 1 is a collection of eclectic, singer-songwriter anthems on home, love, and struggle. The extensive studio work features a wide assortment of instruments and arrangements (featuring the "Giants & Pilgrims Gospel Tears" choir) and was recorded by Dave Wilton at Saint Ida's Studio in Lafayette, CO.

Every song on the album corresponds with a companion painting done by Betony Coons.

SIGHT: Giants & Pilgrims' art is painted collages filled with story, color, and whimsy. Betony Coons' Almanac No. 1 paintings are large, iconic images holding frenetic energy and bold color (and incorporate portions of her children's' artwork as well). The pieces explore home, love and struggle. The entire series can be seen at