Harper Blynn

Daytrotter Session - Jul 26, 2012

Jul 26, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Harper Blynn
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Every Impulse
  3. Bound To Break
  4. The Doubt
  5. Start All Over
We should know it that when we mess around with flesh and bone and blood and all of the things that have to go right with a body, that there are going to be problems. There's too much connectivity, too many pieces that have to function correctly for there to be any hope. The outside forces wear those same bodies down, causing ulcers and irregular heartbeats - palpitations - and they force the degeneration to speed up. There's nothing but a huge problem on your hands, but aside from clawing oneself out and peeling it all back, we're stuck in these imperfect machines for as long as we're banging around here. Many of us get jalopies, the lemons that no one ever wants. The physical wear comes along quicker when the mental fatigue is more pronounced and the people that Harper Blynn write into their songs have found themselves falling apart in all kinds of different ways. Most of them would just like out. They'd just like a reboot, another chance to right all the wrongs that they've fallen into. They would like to pull the plug on what they have currently going and they'd like to see what could come of a do-over.

Singers J. Blynn and Pete Harper bring out in their characters some of the helplessness that there's no getting over or around. These are the insecurities that tend to reign supreme. They are powerful and they are sticky. These people can't trust the winds. They can't trust the love or the feelings that they have - that they've been relying on. There are holding patterns built into these stories, where emotions are suspended, dangling from the branches of barren trees. These are wars that are being driven through, with us looking out the windows and commenting on what all can be seen, just off the roadside. There are bodies - not dead - just battered and tired. They can't pick themselves up, for the life of them. They'll lie there until they are propped up, given some water and some food, told that they look beautiful tonight, anything. Most of this fallout is the result of a malfunction, of a brain and a heart stumbling. These people are going through their doomed thoughts and they're thinking that there's nothing like having them - there's nothing like living through them. They throw themselves into sorry states of despair, but they know that they're off. They know that they can make their bodies do better, to be right again, if they can just get the ether to get behind them. The Blynn boys sing, "The sooner that you understand that the end is not the end/You can start all over." They insist, "I may be down, but I've got my hopes." They still get the shivers when something good happens and that tells us that the skin works. It tells us that a number of the parts in these flimsy bodies still work.