Hollie Winter

For fans of:Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Lana Del Rey

Passionately pop, Hollie Winter breaks through the glass ceiling of todays ‘cookie cut out’ pop mu-sic and breathes fresh new life back into organic pop. An Australian native, but traveled the world upside down, singing on renowned stages in Australia to Shanghai, New York and now Nashville, her songs have a certain timeless quality about them, that grab people by the heartstrings and linger on peoples minds. With a voice that takes off like a red Ferrari, combined with a delicate unique falsetto that evokes emotion in even the hardest of hearts, her enchanting lyrics and melodies will have you gravitating into her musical orbit.

For someone still only in her twenties, the tremendous highs and lows she has faced has shaped her writing with a certain relatable maturity. Making countless treacherous voyages to the darkest places in her mind and heart, that many dare not travel to, to bring back material that flows out through her lyrics and connects people with an invisible mist of love and a message that you are never alone, even in the hardest times.

From gracing the cover of Sydney’s (Australia) biggest newspaper, MX, for the debut of her first EP - Chasing My Heart, (2013) to graduating Sydney’s prestigious music University, JMC Music Academy as the top student in contemporary music in 2014, Hollie’s music has been recognized around the world, with notable success on iTunes and Spotify.

Continuing to cultivate her craft, Winter has settled in Nashville to perform and share her music. Taking centre mark on stages such as Douglas Corner, The Blue Bird, The Row along with Cafe Coco and many more. Constantly recording, writing and performing, she continues her musical journey to new ears across the globe everyday.