For fans of:Drake, Juicy J, Ludacris

JordanLivinGood real name is Jordan Galbreth and he's a young artist from the state of Texas. Jordan Galbreth known as (JordanLivinGood) started making music at the age of 10. His cousin was making music in Jordan room and Jordan ask his cousin can he make some songs as a joke; and his cousin said sure!So, Jordan got in the home studio and recorded his first mixtape and fell in love with music ever since. He begin to start directing video's, making beats by his producer name Rhyme King and setting up his own home studio with the top notch software he could find. JordanLivinGood has the love and passion for music like a relationship. He makes songs off of true feelings, life stories and inspiration.He can make a pop record, hip hop record and turn around and make a r&b record. Jordan has a very unique multiple versatility styles and writes all his music by himself.