Juliet Oh.

For fans of:Hawk House, Asa, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Mali Music

My name is Juliet Owusu. I was born in Ghana and raised in Ontario, Canada in a Christian family. I was exposed to the idea of God at an early age, however it would not be many years until I would here the gospel. While attending a Truth Behind Hip-Hop presentation with some friends, that was were I became a Christian and gave my life to Christ. God has truly worked in my life, getting me through many trials and reconstructing my heart, and placing the gift of music in my life; he has filled me with the passion to make music for his glory.

What I love most about music is it provides, for both the artist and the listener, a sense of artistic liberty that is completely universal and not limited to any select person, place or group. If the artist loves what they create, their passion then resonates to the listener.

My taste in music is very divers. Some of my favorite artists are Matt Corby, Lauryn Hill, 2Pac, Hawk House, Propaganda, Bob Marley and many many others. I love conscious music, old school reggae, hip hop, soul, and folk music; as well as old school rock and roll and doo-wop. My ultimate goal, is to glorify God and serving others with my music. HOPE YOU ENJOY!