Justin Kline

For fans of:Jellyfish, Beach Boys, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Superdrag

Justin Kline is an independent Power-pop / Folk-Pop / Singer/Songwriter from Murfreesboro, TN. At an early age, Justin was influenced by the musical talents of his mother, and his parents collection of Beach Boys cassette tapes and records. He picked up the guitar at the young age of 10 and that's where it all started.

Early 2007, Justin started working with producer Mark Nash at The Bookhouse in Nashville, TN. He released Six Songs in 2008, which got a great response from fans, and was also added as the number 1 spot on the Top 10 EPs of 2008 list by Absolute Powerpop. Powerpopaholic said Six Songs was "so full of sugar, I got cavities just listening to it".

While working on a full length follow up to Six Songs, the master tapes of his almost finished album Balance were stolen out of the studio and never recovered. Luckily, two of the best pop-gems from the recording sessions had been rescued, which were later released on Triangle (2010).

Being a short 4-song collection, Triangle was released shortly after the theft, and went on to achieve a nice buzz from bloggers and writers. BMF said the release "could be argued as the feel good EP of the year" along with Absolute Powerpop saying "don't leave the house or car with this being the last you heard because it will monopolize your brain". Powerpopaholic said Triangle was "one of the best EPs I've heard this year".

Triangle EP & Six Songs EP were released in Japan via Powerpop Academy/Thistime Records as a self-titled CD including 2 bonus songs.

Kline's previous album, Cabin Fever Songs (2012) is filled with quirky and honest harmony-laden folky songs for true fans of powerpop and folky pop. Cabin Fever Songs was recorded entirely in his bedroom, and later mixed and mastered by Sean Power at the Hilson Studio in Nashville, TN. Cabin Fever Songs is a little Lo-fi, but a lot of awesomeness.

In May of 2013, Kline came back with Doormat EP, 4 new tunes of hooks, driving guitars, melodies, and mystery. Performing every instrument and singing every note himself, Justin presents an electrified batch of songs more reminiscent of some of his previous solo work. Doormat EP can be considered kind of a "teaser" for what's to come.