Kaleigh Mason

For fans of:Adele, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse

With the release of The Exorcism, Kaleigh Mason brings a new feel to a classic genre by utilizing gospel, soul, and pop together all without losing the emotional platform great songwriting comes from.

Like other songs from Kaleigh's catalog, the single is catchy and crosses into an r&b and classic doo wop aesthetic. The Exorcism is a story told about a girl, from the first person perspective. "It is about a girl so heartbroken, feeling so much pain that she wants every religious/spiritual person and figure to come together for her exorcism and exorcise her demons. It is lyrically very tongue-in-cheek. " Kaleigh explains. Hailing from rural Ontario, Kaleigh began writing songs at only 5 years of age and has since taught herself piano, guitar, and how to sing. After the release of her 2013 album The Outlaw Project, the singer decided to follow her influential roots and released "Hold On", and "Be Mine", both doo wop singles that pin point that genuine 60's sound. Kaleigh has played venues like Toronto Peach Tree Gallery, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Silver Dollar Room, Cadillac Lounge, The Milton Street Festival, and more. Although performing live is a big part of her career, Kaleigh is focused on recording and releasing more singles in the upcoming months. Her music can be found on most digital outlets for download to stream. To learn and hear more of Kaleigh Mason and her music, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/kaleighmasonsinger?