La Liberte

For fans of:Album Leaf, Explosions in the Sky, The Followers, Josh Garrels, Sigur Ros
I was born in Miami Florida, where I was adopted. After a little moving around my parents settled in sunny San Diego, California. It was there that I began to discover my passion for making music, and contributing to something larger than myself. I took a few guitar and piano lessons, and taught myself how to play drums. At thirteen, I got my first digital 8 track recorder, with which I would disappear for hours everyday in my bedroom layering guitar track over guitar track. I developed a special love for making strange melodic textures. After 4 years or so of that, I decided that I wanted to be a little more serious about recording and producing my music, so I bought my first protools setup (part of which I still use everyday). I got really deep into songwriting and producing and began sharing my work with others. I spent the next few years writing, recording, and producing; during that time, God began to grow my desire to make music for a living. In 2009 that opportunity was made possible when a close friend of mine asked me to score music to his film. This opportunity was such a blessing and I am so grateful for it. From that time until now I have made it my aim to make original music for film, and to share my music for others to enjoy. I write, play, record, and produce all of my music from home, and am very thankful to God to be doing what I love for His glory. This story would not be complete without my wife, Bree. She constantly inspires me, encourages me, and has stood by me though every musical endeavor. She is one of many reminders that God is with us always, and he gives good gifts to people like us who don't deserve them.