Larry g(EE)

For fans of:Amy Winehouse, Adele, Duffy, Jamie Lidell, Raphael Saadiq
Larry g(EE)’s debut EP “Weekends” is truly the sound of an artist coming of age. After the 2010 break-up of his band of 5 years, Larry has matured as a singer, songwriter and person. When asked about “Weekends”, he says "My first album with the band felt like boot camp and now I’m ready to progress. In many ways this feels like my first official album.” While he says the sound of this project is influenced by the soul sounds of ‘60s/’70s-era group harmonies, he is not trying to replicate that sound entirely, "I’m anything but a pure traditionalist or revivalist. The music draws from the Motown period, but I’m not going to adhere to the exact form.” Weekends’ is a collection of retro funk-soul songs with a contemporary twist. This album can easily go from the bedroom to the dance floor with a shake of your hips. It is fun, catchy and a damn good time. -L. Lanham