You Belong Here + New Singles

You Belong Here + New Singles by Leagues
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For fans of:Foster the People, Broken Bells, Passion Pit
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  1. Dance with Me (New Single)
  2. Lipstick Coffee (New Single)
  3. Spotlight
  4. You Belong Here
  5. Haunted
  6. Walking Backwards
  7. Lost It All
  8. One Hand
  9. Magic
  10. Mind Games
  11. Pass My Way
  12. Friendly Fire
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Widely hailed as an indie standout in 2013, Leagues’ debut You Belong Here garnered a rabid fan base behind the breakout alternative and AAA singles “Spotlight” and “Walking Backwards.” The latter appeared during a pivotal scene on the first season of blockbuster Netflix original, Orange is the New Black. In total, they were given a number of high-profile uses in film, television and advertising campaigns.

Following that success, the band set about making their follow-up album, which they completed in late 2014 but with a sinking feeling that it wasn’t the right one. “It’s hard to see when you’re in the middle of that process,” says Cockrell, “but I think we both had this growing feeling that we weren’t saying everything we wanted to say and weren’t pushing each musically to do all we could do. So we had to wipe the slate clean and start over.”

“That was so, so hard,” admits Lutito. “We’d put so much time and all of our resources in to that process only to realize that it wasn’t right. The one good thing, though, was that from that point on neither of us pulled a single punch – the stakes were too high to give anything less then our absolute best.”

The resulting 11-track album proves the band’s instincts sound. Produced entirely by Lutito, and comprised both of reworked songs from the first pass as well as wholly new ones, Alone Together captures a creative duo egging each other on to ever-greater heights. The songs themselves are among Cockrell’s best. Made all the more dynamic by Lutito’s ability to continue pushing the programming envelope.

For fans of:Foster the People, Broken Bells, Passion Pit
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