Lilly Whyte

For fans of:Iggy Azalea, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Chanel Westcoast

Lilly Whyte is a Southern hip-hop and R&B artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Loris, South Carolina, the artist struggled with health and addiction issues, along with becoming a mother at a young age and having to raise her daughter on her own. With a determination and drive inherent only to single mothers, Lilly Whyte overcame her hardships, using music as an outlet for healing and growth.

She began composing and songwriting in 2017 in a small studio in Conway, South Carolina. Currently creating out of Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, she’s worked with well known producers such as CrittyOnDaTrak and DrellOnTheTrack, among others. The rapper is also an accomplished dancer, while her love for Lil Wayne’s music has garnered her the nickname Lil Wheezy.

Lilly Whyte represents love, peace and diversity, writing lyrics that are rich, fiery and full of meaning. She tells stories through witty metaphors and covers themes such as empowerment, positivity and self-acceptance.