Luke Peach

For fans of:Damien Rice, Laura Marling, Copeland

Luke is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where he grew up fighting the desert heat by writing and playing music indoors. In the spring of 2009 he release his first EP by the name of Wait Up; a collection of love songs focused on a relationship he felt he was either always chasing after or trying to move on from, but never incurring the balance of something that would last. His second life began about seven years ago when he moved out to Southern California in pursuit of the beach and existence in the artistic cultural shadow of LA. In his first 5 years there he explored the mystical west as much as possible on road-trips whilst touring the bars, churches, and venues of so cal under his name, Luke Peach, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for a local folk rock band, Lowly Spects. He released another singer/songwriter project by the name of Letters during this time.

In 2014, Luke decided to pursue a dream he had held in his soul since graduating high school. To sell all his belongings and travel the world. In a three month stint he touched on 9 countries including Uganda (Africa), Thailand, Germany, and many other stops through Europe and Southeast Asia.

Since his return to the states, he has found a spouse (to be married in January) worked in the fashion industry, quit the fashion industry, and jumped back into his musical pursuits.

His first step upon return to songwriting was to complete a two song release he dubbed the name, Sister. This duo of tunes focuses on the experience of processing through his childhood within a broken house and love relationship in his early to mid-twenties. This project envelopes a writing style and production value Luke has been searching to portray for years and he hopes his fans will enjoy these two heartfelt pieces.