For fans of:klezmatics, chava alberstein, pennywhistlers, barry sisters, cab calloway
Currently, Yiddish and Polish cabaret music. Review by David Potorti for the Independent: "There's a lot to love about Mappamundi's CD release: powerful vocal harmonies, complex musical arrangements and exotic acoustic instruments played with great relish. And they're all rendered with pristine clarity... Mappamundi translates as "map of the world," and the selections take us on that globe-circling journey: There's "Sinii Platochek," a popular World War II song from the Soviet Union; "Down Among the Dead Men," a number from Colonial America; "Okrug Selo," from Croatia; "Tsi Darf Es Azoy Zayn," a Holocaust text with the tango rhythm popular in the '30s and '40s; and "Now is Come Our Joyful Feast," in which "a cheerful Elizabethan text mongrelizes a gloomy shape note tune"...