Neil Halstead

For fans of:Nick Drake, Slowdive, Mojave 3, Bert Jansch, Alexi Murdoch
In the late ‘90s Neil fronted a band called Slowdive, and after a couple of really good records they split. From there Neil formed his current band Mojave 3, who have released 4 records to date with a few more to come, we hope. Hard to find 2 bands with more critical accolades, and at the core of those bands was Neil and his songwriting. “Palindrome Hunches” is the name of Neil’s newest solo record available Sept 11th. It is a record that can handle excessive listens and seems to absorb every mood thrown at it. It is really hard to find a record that can make you happy, sad, and can make you laugh all at once. Neil will be on tour throughout the fall