Neoborn Caveman

The Break-up Therapy

The Break-up Therapy by Neoborn Caveman
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For fans of:Davide Bowie, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, U2, A-ha
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  1. I wanna live and love free (mastered by Alan G)
  2. She is not the girl (mastered by Kuyano)
  3. Counterfeit Love (mastered by Andres Mayo)
  4. Where is the direction (mastered by Alan G at Suno Records)
  5. Now I am free (mastered by Kuyano)
  6. You were my Savior (mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo)
  7. Change (mastered by Tom Waltz)
  8. 12 Ways of Love (2019 remix, mastered by Elliot James)
  9. Drifting

The Break-up Therapy is a genre bending adult contemporary pop album with experimental songs.

All songs are part of my journey of self-recovery, overcoming abuses and neglect, changing the negative energy into postive re-creation through art.

I do believe we are all meant to live in abundant love where we mutually live for the sake of each other. That's why I wrote 12 Ways of Love as the last song of the album, the idea where we all long to get to.

And there is only one way to get there: cleaning our closet, being totally honest with ourselves and then moving on. I hope many of you will find help in the songs for that.

I wrote all these songs when I hit rock bottom in every possible aspect in my life, yet, God led good people into my life to collaborate with, who felt my heart and resonated with the message. I will eternally be grateful for them.

Soon the whole album will be ready, check the songs out, I add and change every week one or two new bits.

Be Blessed and Whole!

Neoborn Caveman


All songs are copyrighted.

Written and composed by Neoborn Caveman.

For fans of:Davide Bowie, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, U2, A-ha
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