Orson & the Rosebuds

Friends of Friends

Friends of Friends by Orson & the Rosebuds
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For fans of:Gorillaz, Beck, RAC
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  1. It's Science (feat. Anthony Giordano)
  2. Leave No Trace (feat. Andrea DeLuca)
  3. Blue Light Love (feat. Joe Sung-Rae)
  4. Sunshine (feat. Emily Rissoff)
  5. War (feat. NEW WOW & sidney gish)
  6. Man of a Thousand Smiles (feat. John Syzonenko)
  7. Wind and Waves (feat. Isaac Schutz)
  8. Hits
  9. Up To Speed (feat. Jack Murtha)
  10. Know About It (feat. Kegs)
  11. Grow Up (feat. Brittany Joline)
  12. Given the Chance (feat. Amanda Haag & Nick D'Apice)
  13. Tomorrows Snowbirds (feat. Tessa Berliner)
  14. Spectronoma (feat. Suraya Foster)
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Always just a little too late. Always just a little too soon. But now it's done and and it's here for all to listen. We hope you enjoy 'Friends of Friends' as much as we enjoyed making it. There's always more songs to come, but for now we'll let them be rosebuds. Here's to friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, and...


Orson & the Rosebuds

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FEATURING ON VOCALS (unless otherwise noted):

Andrea DeLuca (2); Andrew Whitaker [Saxophone] (1,14); Anthony Giordano (1); Amanda Haag (1,12); Brittany Joline (11); Carl [Cello] (12); Christian DeKnatel; Emily Rissoff (4); Isaac Schutz [&Viola] (7); Jack Murtha (9); Joe Sung-Rae (3, 10); John Syzonenko (6); Joseph Lew (8); Kegs (10); Leina Xu [Carl] (12); NEW WOW [Synthesizer] (5); Nick D’Apice (12); Nick Smith [Drums] (9); Rishi Shah [Bass] (8); Sidney Gish (5); Suraya Foster (14); Tessa Berliner (13); Timothy Scheinert [Guitar] (7,14); Tim Orth [Bass] (7)

Music by Christian DeKnatel (1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14); Christian DeKnatel and Emily Rissoff [@EmilyRissoff] (5); Christian DeKnatel and NEW WOW [@NewWowMusic] (6)

Lyrics by Andrea DeLuca (2,12), Christian DeKnatel and Joe Sung-Rae [@JoeSungRae] (3), Christian DeKnatel (1,4,6,9,11,13,14), Emily Rissoff (5), Joseph Lew (8), Kegs (10), NEW WOW (6), Tiffany Yu (7)

Recorded in: Boston, MA; Eastchester, NY; San Mateo, CA; West Orange, NJ; Corfu, Greece

Special Thanks: Mom, Dad, Brother, Yiayia, Pappou, Nick Smith, Andrew Whitaker, Joseph Kim, Murray Sandmeyer, Isaac Schutz, Anthony Giordano, Kevin Wingertzahn, Bobby Martin, Adam Browne, John Mastroberardino, Nicholas Comas, Matt Salerno, Juri Tanaka, Michael Goldstein, Sandy Chilson, Miltos Koustas, Christina Katechis, Jeremy Eng, Suzanne Becker, Sunandhaa Narashiman, Jacob Seeger, Jason Chin, Tim Early, Tom Culman, Jake Jura, Matthew Pham, Patrick Hanbury, Ben Lagan, Madeleine Shay, No Jokes Improv Troupe, NU Student Composers Club, Re_vess, Nik Kos, and so many more :)

Album Art by Laura Brown (@swaggiebrowne) & Christian DeKnatel

Mixed by Christian DeKnatel

Mastered by Connor Eichinger (www.getmastered.com)

Album credits google sheet (w/ links to plugs): goo.gl/R64iEj

For fans of:Gorillaz, Beck, RAC
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