Other Passengers

For fans of:Christian Silva, Damn Arms, Memory Tapes
Other Passengers first emerged on the underground NYC music scene in March 2004 and quickly grabbed attention with their moody and dramatic sound: at times loud and jarring and in an instant moving to the realm of eerie and ethereal space creating a collage of post-punk psychedelia that reflects the dichotomy of the city: isolation among millions. In October 2004, they released their debut EP, Is It Nothing to You, All Those Who Pass By?. Spannning 22 minutes, the five members draw influence from a wide range of envelope pushing artists past and present like Can, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, early Pink Floyd, Eno, RZA, Spacemen 3. Their music is intensified in a live setting. Writhing, twisting movements epitomize the band on stage. They link together cohesive chaotic moments and transcendent catharsis on stage. The band celebrated entering 2005 by relocating to a new home/rehearsal space in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and wrote the material for their first full length.