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For fans of:Outkast , Alabama Shakes , Johnny Swim , Stromae, A$AP Rocky

Parade is a duet comprised of two very eclectic individuals that deliver one very signature sound. Established in 2012 this married couple effortlessly weave in and out of genres to deliver timeless music. Parade draw their inspiration from real life events whether in their personal lives or in the lives around them. Lo with her stellar vocals and Perseus with his thought provoking lyrics are committed to deliver more than just songs, they promise to give their fans an experience. They have coined the phrase #JoinTheParade. This invitation for people to join them in sharing their life experiences whether tragic or triumphant in hopes that many would muster up the courage and confidence to be comfortable in their own skin. PARADE exhibits this through their Music, Fashion and Art. Their heats scream for you to #JoinTheParade