Paul Anthony Reggae

For fans of:Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Collie Buddz, Mavado, Shaggy

How would you like to be part of a revolution? A Reggae Revolution! To be able to say that YOUR contribution has helped bring love and peace into this world… through Reggae music!

Sound good so far? then Paul Anthony and the Reggae Souljahs would like to welcome you to stand with them on their quest to bring Reggae Music and all of its derivatives to the forefront of today’s “Popular Music” selection!

Hailing from Tropical Palm Beach FL the young, genre-bending Reggae music innovator known as “Paul Anthony Reggae” has been a champion on the Reggae scene in his city for 10+ years. He has graced the stage at some of Florida’s hottest venues, electrifying audiences from 200 to 20,000 with his energetic/engaging stage presence, smooth delivery, and impeccable lyrical content. Paul is well on his way to solidifying his place in the music industry as a leader of the new-school Reggae movement.

A top 3 Finalist in the Marley Uprising International Band Search, Paul Anthony rose to stardom after receiving local recognition through his works being featured on major radio stations in his city of Palm Beach as well as Nationally and Internationally. Cedella Marley, Daughter of Reggae Legend Bob Marley and C.E.O of Tuff Gong International said, “Paul is very talented and has an eclectic style that I really like. He blends Dancehall and Reggae in a contemporary way. He sounds like somebody who just came out of Jamaica.”

A true modern-day pioneer of Reggae, Paul’s sound is distinctively his own. He is a master at pushing the envelope with Reggae music while managing to stay true to his roots. His uncanny ability to successfully weave his authentic Jamaican sound with virtually any genre is only a minuscule feat compared to his captivating melodies and clever wordplay.

Paul comes from a mixed race household. His mother is Canadian and his Father is Jamaican. His Father Paul Anthony I, also known as “Pat Satchmo” in Jamaican Reggae circles, is Paul’s direct link to a Legacy of Reggae Roots. Satchmo is a well-known entertainer who recorded with Lee “Scratch” Perry in Jamaica during the early days of Reggae and performed alongside The Wailers on their 1975 tour in Toronto Canada. Paul cites his father as being his biggest inspiration to pursue his own path as young Reggae star.

With his rising prominence as one of today’s true Reggae music heavyweights, industry insiders have dubbed Paul “The New Voice of Reggae,” and while maintaining his usual humble temperament, he remarks “I’m prepared to set a new standard and leave my mark on musical history!”

Now, Paul Anthony needs your help! In order pull off this revolution, Paul needs an army of Reggae Souljahs behind him. All Souljahs will be duly rewarded for their commitment; simply pledge your rank and get hooked up with some good vibes to satisfy your soul and enrich your spirit. All future Reggae Souljahs interested in Joining the Reggae Revolution, please visit for more information!