For fans of:Trip Lee, PRo, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Tedashii
I'm a young rapper from the streets of Dallas. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with of my heart. Music is one of the ways I can give glory to His name. My music is all rap. I was raised on traditional hymns, and still love em. But I grew up in the heart of Dallas, and the hip-hop culture had heavy influences on my style. I'm sixteen and I want to write a life that points other to Him. My name is Peter and the Latin word for Peter is Petros. Petros means rock. And that is what I am called to be, a solid rock, and my firm foundation is built on the chief cornerstone on which all thing fit and are held together. We're going back to foundations, to the basics of our faith, cuz it's nothing that we've done we get it all by grace. We're going back to foundations, to the shape of our soul because we're made like our maker, it's in Him that life's made whole.