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O Canada Canadian Music Mixtape

O Canada Canadian Music Mixtape by PledgeMusic Canada
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For fans of:Canadian Indie Music, Stars, Alexisonfire, Waking Eyes
  1. Elephant Stone - Manipulator
  2. Nefe - Skin
  3. Taylor Knox - The Stars
  4. The Junction - Changes
  5. Terra Lightfoot - No Hurry
  6. LeRiche - Under Covers
  7. Jane's Party - Ciggy Buzz
  8. Matt Mays - Faint of Heart
  9. Mo Kenney - If You're Not Dead
  10. The Velveteins - Don't Yah Feel Better
  11. Basement Revolver -Johnny Pt 2
  12. The Wilderness of Manitoba - Cindy Runs
  13. Fast Romantics - Everybody's Trying to Steal Your Heart
  14. Walrus - In Timely Fashion
  15. Scenic Route to Alaska - Love Keeps
  16. Chad VanGaalen - Old Heads
  17. Jordan Klassen - Curses
  18. Das Mortal - Midnight Rendez-Vous (Featuring French Fox)
  19. The Medicine Hat - St. Cecilia
  20. Astrocolor - Push Too Hard (featuring Fox Glove)
  21. Said The Whale - Miscarriage
  22. Mobina Galore - Going Out Alone
  23. Spencer Burton - Homeland
  24. Grand Analog - Donna Summer
  25. Geneva - Like Water (Circle Research Remix)
  26. Casper Skulls - Love Brain
  27. Royal Canoe - Living a Lie
  28. 36? - Old Bones
  29. Sloan - Money City Maniacs
  30. Sunshine & The Blue Moon - Welcome To The Future
  31. The Wooden Sky - Riding on the Wind
  32. Jeff Beadle - Gone Before Sunrise
  33. Jon and Roy - Runner
  34. Ghost Caravan - Trenches (Pull Me Down)
  35. Luca Fogale - Hannah

O Canada! indeed!

As Canadian’s celebrate 150 years of Confederation, we at PledgeMusic & NoiseTrade are celebrating the great music Canada has to offer. This exclusive “mixtape” blends the best of new music along with a classic or two.

The long weekend starts here and features music from Said The Whale, Chad VanGaalen, Royal Canoe, Walrus and even Sloan!

For fans of:Canadian Indie Music, Stars, Alexisonfire, Waking Eyes
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