Tevin Banks

Digital Drugs

Digital Drugs by Tevin Banks
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For fans of:Prince, Parliment Funkadelic, Janet Jackson, The Beatles, T-Pain
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  1. We Will Never Be The Same
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Digital Drugs is the debut album of producer, songwriter, rapper, director, Ricky Diamond. This album contains elements of Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, and Soul. The album loosely follows a storyline of love and capitalism with a narrator throughout the album encouraging listeners to buy the product they are experiencing, but the narrator who is a machine in the ends wonders about the idea of love. The album name comes from the experience of the artist himself stating "when I was in school my friends put me onto this weird thing called digital drugs, of course they never worked and were more binaural beats than actual drugs. But I believe the idea of you being able to mentally convince yourself that this thing works was enough for me to build an album around it. Of course the album is basically a love letter but under all that love and compassion is something sinister and it's that emotion I wanted to capture the most". The album itself was build around the use of samples, this may be considered the first album in history that has no actual artist on the album but still has singers on the records. 


Producer/writer: Ricky Diamond

Label: Infinity Land/ B-Fam Records

For fans of:Prince, Parliment Funkadelic, Janet Jackson, The Beatles, T-Pain
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