Maggie Glasgow

For fans of:Adele, Sara Bareilles, Etta James

Maggie found her passion for music quite early in life. From vocals to dance and all that is in between, music is Maggie's way of understanding and translating the world around her. She spent most of her adolescence infiltrate herself into the music industry; exploring all facets from Broadway to Los Angeles. Her adventures led her to James Madison University where she studied Musical Theatre. After University, Maggie decided to dive head first into the opposite end of the music industry. More specifically, she moved Nashville, TN. Nashville was a time of great learning for Maggie. During the almost three years in Nashville, she spent her time absorbing everything she could. From tour buses to co-writes to recording her own album…Music City gave her a masters no university could.

Maggie is overjoyed at the opportunity to share her gifts with Passion Academy. She expects to be learning just as much as she will teach.