For fans of:KISS, Alice Cooper , GG Allin

S.H.O.U.T is the Shock Rock Monsters from Finland,formed in 2010 by the lead singer & songwriter Glamster,with their trademark horror looks they are like something straight outta horror movies,they have released 2 EP's "Tales From The Monsters"(2013) & "No One Will Get Out Alive" (2016) and 4 albums "Monsterious"(2013),"Dead Of Night"(2014) & "Shock The World"(2015) and "Satan's Hellraisers Of Underground Terror"

"mixing Heavy Rock with Glam & horror elements S.H.O.U.T has created a unique Avant Garde like sound that is described as something vastly different from the crowd."

S.H.O.U.T is:

GLAMSTER - Vocals (Undead)

TerrRor - Drums (Undead)

Ghost#1 - Guitars (Dead)

Ghost#2 - Bass (Dead)