soft robot

catatonic false promises

catatonic false promises by soft robot
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For fans of:Neutral Milk Hotel, St. Vincent, Deerhunter
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  1. 01 jawlines.mp3
  2. 02 near the knees.mp3
  3. 03 what's the score.mp3
  4. 04 bone to bone.mp3
  5. 05 stray dogs afraid.mp3
  6. 06 fading rapidly.mp3
  7. 07 flawws.mp3
  8. 08 caught in the blur.mp3
  9. 09 brother spine.mp3
  10. 10 motionless mystery.mp3
  11. 11 suspended meaning.mp3
  12. 12 no good.mp3
  13. 13 landslides.mp3
  14. 14 prisoner song.mp3
  15. lesser known victims.mp3
  16. 16 take away.mp3
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Soft Robot's debut album is an introspective moment in the experience of an individual grappling with a skewed understanding of people, experiences, and relationships. Ranging from dark tones to lighter poppy pulses, catatonic false promises tells at once a cohesive story while also leading the listener through moments of confusion and conflict.


run home records

Michael Hampton - guitar, synth, keyboard, drum machine, melodica, vocals

Susanna Lynn Johnson - guitar, organ, glockenspiel,vocals

For fans of:Neutral Milk Hotel, St. Vincent, Deerhunter
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