For fans of:Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, Kings of Leon, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars

Where did it all start?

SOMETHINGPOSITIVE all started when youth pastor and once professional drummer Michael Matthews decided his youth needed praise and worship music on a regular basis. Michael felt the call to preach at a young age and thanks to music and playing drums, he was able to come to know Christ and began a legacy of leading his family out of a very rough and disastrous lifestyle. In 2009, Michael picked up an acoustic guitar and began discipling two students through music. Justin Nipper was on of those students and had come from a broken home life. As a teen, he found himself caught up in drugs, Juvenile Detention, and being sexually active. Justin and Michael created a bond through music. Justin was inspired by Michael to play drums and the two guys started jamming with Stephen Fairchild. Stephen was a classmate of Justin and had tried playing the guitar, but he had never really found an outlet to really develop himself. Stephen, like Justin, had grew up in a broken home, and at young age lost his father whom he barely knew. The three guys played together for a short time before meeting Roddy Merritt at a summer youth camp. Roddy had wasted most of his life, after high school, pursuing some kind of music career, but instead found himself in a five year span of life filled with drugs, sexual activity, and looking for something only God could give him. He returned to school after trying to turn his life around and attended a small Bible College right outside of Jackson, MS, next door to the church the other three guys attended. That first summer after entering back into school, the college sent Roddy and several other students to serve as councilors across camps in the southeast. Roddy met Michael, Justin, and Stephen, following a late night jam session together and they decided to try and lead worship for the youth. Weekly worship lead to a lot of practice, being asked to lead other groups, and eventually being asked to play concerts. Michael suggested that the band begin looking and praying for a bass player. A few months later Justin and Stephen came to Roddy with and idea. Another classmate, who had been hanging out with them was Travis White. He had heard about the band. Travis had grown up in an unchurched family, and at a young age was introduced to a sexually active lifestyle and was a professing atheist. Travis enjoyed hanging out with Justin and Stephen, when one day the conversation of the band’s need for a bass player arose. Travis was interested and decided to give the band, church, and Christianity a shot. He said that Justin and Stephen were a different type of Christian than he knew or had seen.

Five years later the band has traveled all over the country, playing a prison tour down the eastern seaboard, including Rikers Island, Maine State Prison, and others. SOMETHINGPOSITIVE has opened for bands like Building429 and Switchfoot. The band was asked and able to work with producer and musician of Third Day, Scotty Wilbanks, in 2013. Scotty helped the band produce an industry standard EP. This EP is being played all over the country on multiple radio stations. The Just A Ride Tour, promoting the EP, has stretched from Charleston, SC at the Cooper River Bridge Run, in front of 40,000 runners. Atlanta Fest in Atlanta, GA, and to Monahans, TX in front of 900 students at Monahans High School. “Our hope is to shed light into dark places, to show that our band, our music, our message is about something greater than ourselves.” (Lead Singer - Roddy Merritt)