Soul Sister Sally

For fans of:Michael McDonald, Michael Jackson, Robert Randolph, Aretha Franklin

We are a group of people who love God and want others to know His unconditional love. We have taken our gifts and used them in hopes of sharing that love with as many who will hear. Having started around 2008 on this journey, and currently in the middle we have been unable to play out as we would like to be doing. Nevertheless, we believe in the message in our music and are not just laying it to rest. Andy and Kelly look forward to what lies ahead for the music God has put in them to do. Andy, having spent 6 years on the road with Casting Crowns has enjoyed being home with his family since 2009. He and Kelly enjoyed all the shows Soul Sister Sally were blessed to do after leaving the Crowns, and look forward to more in the future. Darren, the guitar player hasn't given up on SSS either. He is dedicated, and, as the rest of us, have understood there is always room for improvement. Thus, we continue to strive to hone our gifts believing that God isn't done with us yet!!! 2015....What does't though hold??????