The Savvy

For fans of:JET, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, My Chemical Romance
Born and bred in a town in Kentucky that boasts almost as many traffic lights as group members, The Savvy are a Rock n Roll trio that now call Nashville, TN their home. The friends-turned-bandmates teamed up in 2010 to deliver a solid debut EP, “Kill the Noise,” and have been touring the US extensively ever since. From nightclubs to festival stages to friends' basements, members Joe Stockton, and Chris Duke are proven versatile and energetic performers with an incendiary live show guaranteed to allure and engage their thriving audience. The Savvy’s musical stylings often draw comparisons to Jet, The Vines, and The Donnas, but their purposeful message, layered with finely-calibrated vocal and instrumental arrangements, gives them a unique vitality that is both impressive and commanding.