The Source

For fans of:XTC, The Beatles, Talking Heads, The Monkees, Police

And just who is The Source??....The Source was a power pop band from Massillon, Ohio that was together from 1980 through 1986. In that time they released one single, one LP, two EP's, and one dance single. Their EP's charted nationally on the CMJ college charts: (#17 and #12). 

The members of The Source were: Jim Bailis - drums,  Craig Schroeder - guitar,  Jeff Kerekes - guitar,  Jack Wyles - bass

Those are the statistics. But there was much more to The Source than just statistics. Those were the days of Ronald Reagan, recessions, and severe rock n' roll reactionary-ism. (A little Source guy could find a bottle thrown at him while onstage if he dared to play anything but Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, or Motley Crue.) But the little Source guys were pretty spunky. They not only didn't play songs by the above mentioned artists; they played all originals. ....And those originals were not about the favorite topics of many of the locals ... I.E. ... sexual bravado, or kickin ass.... They were about love, spirit, and awareness; all done with a tongue-in-cheekness that only four small town Ohio guys could attempt to pull off. They were definitely on a mission....and a really fun one at that. They would hide out for months at a time...writing and recording songs. .... then playing the handful of clubs in the Cleveland / Kent / Akron area that would allow original music... all the while putting out product nationally on a shoestring budget. They were assisted in this "secular humanistic" endeavor by "THE" definitive record anti-mogul from Washington, D.C., Bill Asp. No they didn't make it nationally, but they dared to think they could...and you can hear that desire and irreverence in their songs. ________________________________________________________ The Source was a forerunner of much of what is taken for granted in the "alternative" music scene today, I.E., it's up to the band to create the image, to do the business, to write and record the songs, and to promote themselves. The Source did it before there was a template for it, before there was an internet. It's also an example of what is very rare in music today: the band members were friends who dug the chemistry of hanging out and playing music together. There was a real camaraderie that existed among them.Jeff Kerekes put The Source together and came up with the name. He and the other members were together for 6 years, writing, recording and performing songs about what they were thinking, what was happening in the world (and their take on it) and what was going on in their lives. Underlying all of this was a desire and drive to empower themselves, and maybe inspire someone else to empower themselves in the process. They wanted to change the way things are done, not only in music, but in the world as well. ( A lofty and naive concept, perhaps!?)....Most of all though, they wanted to do something that was fun!


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