For fans of:Kings of Leon, Beach House, Beck, Bob Dylan, The Paper Kites

FIREBREATHmedia is a Nashville-based music production company that provides high quality recordings, videos, and creative services for artists. Through cultivating strong collaborative relationships and embracing creative exploration amongst artists, we strive not only to produce quality work but also to create a sense of community for musicians.

The producers at FIREBREATHmedia possess backgrounds in songwriting, music engineering and production, graphic design, photography, and filmmaking, amongst others. Because we know firsthand that an artist’s success is contingent on both a strong creative network and an effective media presence, we built this company to serve those needs. By operating under a production and distribution model that encompasses all stages of the creative process, from concept to execution, we’re able to offer consistent, high-quality content in every medium. To see how we operate and who we are, come to one of our monthly house shows and watch Nashville artists rallying around their fellow musicians. Or if you can’t make it to our studio, watch the show remotely on our website (not all communities have to be local – that’s why we live stream all of our house shows!). Maybe you want to give venues a reel of your live performance so they can get a taste for who they’re booking. FIREBREATHmedia can provide per-song rates for recording, editing, and uploading high-quality videos of you and/or your band performing in our studio space. Or maybe you’ve got a novel idea for marketing your music or another artist’s music. Bring it our way. We’re open to ideas, and those that come from the artists themselves are always the most important to us. That’s what makes this lovely, creative world go ‘round. Peruse our website, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you. FIREBREATHmedia Real. Resonant.