Daytrotter Session - May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 Good Danny's Austin, TX by Vacationer
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Everyone Knows
  3. Trip
  4. Gone
  5. Summer End
Vacationer makes you feel like you couldn't be in a more wrong place than you are right now. Obviously, that could be seen as a huge overstatement as we have no way to know where you are right now, on this Memorial Day weekend. You could be somewhere glorious, just soaking in the vibes around a pool or a grill. You could be surrounded by a bunch of pretty people, or your family and friends, who also might be pretty, but you've no interest in that. You could be on a boat. You could be carefree, enjoying some of the best weather imaginable. Things couldn't be better for you, but if you were to peel away for just a second to listen to this session or the debut album by this Pennsylvania band you'd want to get out of there. You'd slip out the back door, unnoticed and hotwire the nearest car if you were sans keys. You'd use the tailwind to take you away as fast as you could get.

You would hope that you would wind up somewhere in the vicinity of where the music Vacationer is making is coming from. It must be warmer there. It must be shadier there. It must be the kind of place where you would pinch yourself and not be able to believe you're actually witnessing it.

It's a place you'd be happy to just slump into, some cold beverage in your hand, wearing your sunglasses and happily slathering oneself with extra applications of sunblock when the time called for it. You'd want never to return to where you were before, even if there were things that weren't so ideal in your new setting. They are ideal enough and you are happy to work around the rough edges. Love could still be strained, but damn if it doesn't seem like the possibilities are more endless here, damn if it doesn't seem like the pressures are de-amplified. You've found the place where you can throw up your hammock and where you can throw your line out into the water and just let everything ripple by at its own pace.