Wes Banks

Meeting Fried Daniels

Meeting Fried Daniels by Wes Banks
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For fans of:Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Jay-Z, Curren$y, T.I.
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  1. Curtain Call [Prod. by Joey Castellani]
  2. Cruise Control (Ft. Chanell Jones) [Prod. by mjNichols]
  3. Late Night (Ft. T. Walker & Ty Kenney) [Prod. by Tha Shipmates]
  4. EVRYthing [Prod. by $ivrem]
  5. Just Stay [Prod. by MookBetter]
  6. Hennessy Problems (Ft. T. Walker) [Prod. by mjNichols]
  7. Highlife [Prod. by Zoe]
  8. Art of Marijuana [Prod. by mjNichols]
  9. Take a Flight (Ft. MaseBetter, Ty Kenney & T. Walker) [Prod. by Matcy P]
  10. Drunk Thoughts [Prod. by Matcy P]
  11. M.G.S. (Ft. T. Walker) [Prod. by Matcy P]
  12. La La [Prod. by Tha Shipmates]
  13. Musical Devotion [Prod. by Joey Castellani]
  14. Love Me Now (Ft. Chanell Jones) [Prod. by $ivrem]
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The long awaited project from "Banks Nations" Wes Banks is finally released. This Self-Written, Self-Recorded & Self-Engineered project titled “Meeting Fried Daniels” is based on the lifestyle and mindset of Fried Daniels. Fried Daniels is an Alter Ego that is all about enjoying life, remaining focused & handling business all at the sametime. Once you listen and vibe out, you will have a clue on #WhoIsFriedDaniels.

Contact: BookWesBanks@gmail.com

Twitter/IG: @LastNameBvnks


Producers: Joey Castellani, mjNichols, Tha Shipmates, $ivrem, MookBetter & Zoe.

Features by: Chanell Jones, T. Walker, Ty Kenney & MaseBetter.


@LastNameBvnks @TheJcSyn @MJNBeats @ThaShipmates @MatcyP @xSivrem @MookBetter @TwalkerNC @YungTy @MaseBetter302

For fans of:Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Jay-Z, Curren$y, T.I.
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