We Were Sons

For fans of:M83, CHVRCHES, The Postal Service

We Were Sons is an indie/electro pop duo made up of Cameron Moder (vocals) and Andrew Brand (instrumentals), based out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Experimenting with blends of electronic and atmostpheric elements, the melodies and lyrics written came from authentic and spontaneous inspiration in the studio. Most lyrics came from Cameron, documenting the navigation of the ups and downs of life. The name "We Were Sons" echoes the stages of the "rites of passage" we go through when growing up. In the beginning, we are sons and daughters, with bright eyes filled with hope and expectation of what our lives will become. At the blink of an eye, life happens; we become the ones with experience, entrusted with the weight of responsibility on our shoulders to teach and raise the next generation. The songs from their Self-titled EP ask questions, call back the sweet memories of youth, and resign to the notion that life ends when we fail.