Yung Kriss

Church Music Vol. 1

Church Music Vol. 1 by Yung Kriss
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For fans of:Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy, Flame
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  1. Yung Kriss - Church Music
  2. Yung Kriss - Ali Bombaye Remix (feat. Beamz)
  3. Yung Kriss - Don't Judge Me Remix (feat. Anno Domini)
  4. Yung Kriss - Is It Love (feat. Anno Domini)
  5. Yung Kriss - Blood On The Leaves Remix
  6. Yung Kriss - Believe Me Remix (feat. Anno Domini)
  7. Yung Kriss - Stamina (feat. Beamz & Charis)
  8. Yung Kriss - Kill Me (feat. Beamz)
  9. Yung Kriss - Redeemed (feat. Taylor Noel)
  10. Yung Kriss - King Flow (feat. Anno Domini)
  11. Yung Kriss - False Teachers
  12. Yung Kriss - Devil Ain't A Lie Remix (feat. Pounders)
  13. Yung Kriss - Pound Cake Remix (feat. Anno Domini)
  14. Yung Kriss - Drop Down & (Pray)
  15. Yung Kriss - Drunk In Love Remix
  16. Yung Kriss - Make Me Remix
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"Church Music" is the first official mixtape of Yung Kriss. It's purpose is to reach out to people who don't know who Jesus is. It's for the people that haven't started a relationship with him. The aim is to bring as many people to Christ as possible through the music that is created. Not only is it directed to the lost, but also to the church. It talks about issues that many churches don't discuss but at the same time shows love to the church. It touches on sensitive topics that most "christians" try to avoid. We as followers of Christ are to walk in his image & grow in his spirit together. To repent from sin and to be a new creation. He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit of God has to say to the churches.

This album is dedicated to Matt Myers & Alyssa Hogue.

For fans of:Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy, Flame
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