Zach Robinson

For fans of:Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen

Zach Robinson began playing the piano in elementary school. Playing Beethoven's Ode To Joy to the class on the piano for a class assignment in about the 4th grade was when he realized he was very interested in music. Soon after his grandmother purchased a light up keyboard for his father and that's when Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin became big influences for Zach. Soon after that, Zach wrote Quiet Day, which is the first original that Zach ever wrote. After Quiet Day, Zach realized love was something he was passionate about and he decided to pursue a career in the music industry. Waiting on the Tide to Change is the second installment to Zach's music career. The first 6 track EP he made was titled A Deeper Connection EP. He made A Deeper Connection EP at the same time as he made the All For You EP. Both EP's were recorded with Tristan Omand in 2010, at Tristan's house in Manchester NH. Zach Steven's played djembe on the two EP's, Tristan played back up guitar and vocals, while Zach performed lead guitar and vocals. Please do listen to Tristan Omand's excellent music. Tristan is an established artist and has performed for many years. Also don't forget to check out for upcoming tour dates, blog posts, photo's, and more.