The Bad Faith Bernie Sanders Attack of the Day: Bernie Is Racist Because He’s Responding to the SoTU

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The Bad Faith Bernie Sanders Attack of the Day: Bernie Is Racist Because He’s Responding to the SoTU

Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders will be responding to Donald Trump’s State of the Union on his digital platforms—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. A couple things to note:

1. This will be his third straight year giving a response.

2. His speech, as usual, will come after the Democratic response, which will be delivered this year by Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, a black woman.

3. It’s not on TV, so you have to opt in and actually seek it out.

The novices among you will read these facts and, naive to the core, think, “nothing to see here. Abrams is a great pick—certainly better than the lifeless Kennedy ghoul they trotted out last year—and the fact that Sanders is doing his usual response has nothing to do with her.” But the advanced scholars of bad faith attacks on Bernie Sanders will already see the grift: When the ultimate goal is always to put forth argument that Sanders is either sexist or racist, the appearance of Stacey Abrams is an invaluable chess piece in the propaganda war. Once you’ve recognized her political utility, the conclusion is easy: Bernie Sanders is being disrespectful to a black woman by upstaging her with his response to Trump’s state of the union.

You know what that means, folks: Another building block in the dual towers of racism and sexism.

Of course, Sanders tried to get ahead of it:

But he’s a fool to think he can duck the bad faith hordes that easily. CONCERN TROLL ROLL CALL!

Some, like the Washington Post‘s Elizabeth Bruenig, thought she could use simple common sense against the crusaders. Good luck, Ms. Bruenig:

Honestly? This one’s on Bruenig. She’s been around long enough to know that she should have known to skip the conversation part and just rip her own hair out immediately.

It’s almost time to end this installment of “bad faith attacks on Bernie Sanders,” but first, it’s worth highlighting once more the dynamic at play here:

Let’s conclude now with the invaluable and hopefully immortal words of Amber A’Lee Frost, which progressives should carry in their front pockets like a bible for the next two years:

And for the love of God, learn to exercise your scoffing muscles. Don’t get drawn into show-trial debates when someone is obviously merely attempting to defame, discredit, or otherwise malign the Sanders campaign. Yes, there are guileless and gentle souls who might voice concern about Sanders’ prospects, policies or appeal to women and minorities, and with those people we have conversations. Kindly, confidently and thoroughly we explain, over and over, again how Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the working class — and we then spell out, with the same saintly patience, that this means all of the working class. But as for the liberal media, and for those who would disingenuously invoke identity politics to attack the socialist, just remember the magic words: “I know what you’re doing right now and it doesn’t work on me.” Remember, they’re trying to trip you up, wear you down, and waste your precious time. (Luckily, they’re utter clowns; elite whiners who pout that everyone is being too mean to them and to their favored milquetoast candidate.) The hit pieces against Bernie have already started to pour in, and we cannot concede a single inch to bad-faith liberals. Steel yourselves against the pseudo-progressive manipulation tactics and moral blackmail that put you on the back foot.

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