CNN Hires Corey Lewandowski, Man Who Hates Journalists, Was Not Good Enough for Trump

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Corey Lewandowski, fired Donald Trump campaign manager and misdemeanor batterer, has been hired by CNN—a network desperate to prove the theory that cable television news is a cesspool of superficial bullshit that usually fails to be entertaining and always fails to be substantive.

The news came yesterday, three days after Lewandowski was fired by the Trump people, and will take effect ASAP. This is an exclusive, salaried position, meaning we’ll probably get to see him arguing with other brilliant pundits on election while Wolf Blitzer repeats the word “”obviously until his circuits fry and they wheel in Jake Tapper.

In a wild coincidence, Donald Trump immediately started tweeting negative things about CNN, but without mentioning the hire:

The only potential positive here—that Lewandowski might say something interesting about the inner workings of the Trump campaign—is ruled out by the non-disclosure agreement he signed.

CNN has long been waging a war on actual journalism by virtue of its substance-free political coverage, but actually hiring a guy who made it his life’s work to assault and blacklist any reporter he didn’t agree with? That’s a brave new step in the dumbing down of the American discourse.

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