Unremarkable Adult Son of Famous Man Calls Teachers “Losers”

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Unremarkable Adult Son of Famous Man Calls Teachers “Losers”

Here’s Donald Trump Jr., whose father, the president of the United States, allegedly once slapped him for wearing a Yankee jersey instead of a suit.

In his adult life, Donald Trump Jr. was a “ski bum” for a while before joining the family business. He rose fast because…well, because it was the family business…but when he was set to take over after his father became president, he managed to embroil himself in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Oh, and he also has a wife that has wanted to divorce him for a long time, and is now doing so. That, essentially, is his biography. More simply, it’s just: “Unremarkable 41-year-old son of Donald Trump.”

I’m sure the teachers are absolutely devastated.

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