Here’s Everything You Missed From Trump’s Inane Weekend Tweeting

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Here’s Everything You Missed From Trump’s Inane Weekend Tweeting

Trump was a busy man this weekend. Unfortunately, per usual, few of his efforts had anything to do with bettering the country, and everything to do with furiously tweeting every inane thought that entered his head. For those not on Twitter—or who mercifully don’t follow the president’s manic channel—we’ve decided to recap a few of the highlights from this weekend.

1. Wait, who failed?

As Republicans struggle to come up with an Obamacare replacement bill that doesn’t end up putting millions of American lives in danger, Trump is apparently ready to sign whatever. According to his tweet, he’s sitting at desk, sweaty pen clenched in this tiny fist, eagerly anticipating the chance to sign his first meaningful (some may say destructive) legislation into law.

Of course, thanks to Trump’s grammar choices, it’s actually difficult to tell whether he’s suggesting Obamacare is failed or if the Republicans’ replacement bill is failed. Either way, he’s not wrong.

2. He’s never far from golf

Trump attended the Women’s Open this weekend in an effort to never spend too long away from his beloved last time. A bunch of women golfing? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Trump to combine his two great loves.

Helpfully, Trump also informed Twitter that the Women’s Open is, in fact, their most important tournament. Don’t think he just goes to any women’s golf tournament. He only attends the choicest events.??

3. Still not getting the whole stock market thing

Once again, Trump tweeted about how great the stock market was doing, despite the “Russian hoax story,” but more on that later. We’re still very much at the point where any job growth is more directly attributable to Obama’s administration, but whatever. The country hasn’t actively exploded yet, and, for Trump, that should be seen as a win.??

4. Trump continues to bring up Clinton

What’s crazy about this particular tweet is how profoundly it continues to misunderstand the story. A major part of the whole Donald Jr. Russian email scandal is whether any dirt on Hillary was exchanged and whether Trump knew. It seems there’s a good chance that Trump knew about Clinton’s 33,000 emails because of the meeting. Trump was tweeting about 33,000 emails before that number was released. Almost like he’d gotten it from somewhere… but he still continues to double down on that exact number in his current tweets.??

5. Trump hears what he wants to hear

Trump’s former campaign adviser Michael Caputo—who has extensive ties to Moscow—did assert that he heard nothing about Russia during the campaign even though A) the Jr. meeting proves that there was clearly some “breathing” of the word “Russia” whether he heard it or not and B) he followed that particular comment with a pretty damning picture of the entire campaign, according to CNN:??

In fact, we were so busy just trying to keep up with the sun rising and setting on that campaign that I can’t imagine anyone had the time, nor the wherewithal to go out there and even do something like this… Anybody who covered the Trump effort knew this was a pell-mell operation from the moment he woke up in the morning until the moment he went to bed. The idea that somebody at that campaign would have had the forethought and the treachery … or the resources to go out and do this is laughable.??How long can Trump’s defenders keep using the “dumbass” card? Yes, he’s a moron, but certainly that doesn’t absolve him of all guilt.

6. Ever the optimist

They’re probably lying, but also, 40 percent isn’t that bad!” Except considering that at the same point in their presidencies, Obama and Bush both were in the upper 50s as far as approval ratings, yeah, it’s not great. Whether the poll is “inaccurate” or not.?

7. Everybody’s doing it


While that may or may not be true, it’s still illegal. Candidates aren’t allowed to receive any “thing of value” in connection with their campaign from a foreigner. This includes campaign staff. Getting dirt on an opponent is one thing, getting it from a foreign lawyer is illegal.

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