Support for House Impeachment Inquiry Continues to Grow

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Support for House Impeachment Inquiry Continues to Grow

According to a Pew Research Center report published Thursday (via Axios), 54% of the 3,487 adults surveyed (Oct. 1-13) approve of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, 9% of whom did not approve of the inquiry when asked just last month.

It’s no surprise, really: When even Fox News thinks your “perfect” call with Ukraine’s president was anything but, you’ve goofed to an extent the average American can’t help but acknowledge.

Of that 9% who’ve come around on the impeachment inquiry in the past month, 61% are Democrats (35%) and left-leaning Independents (26%), while about a third of them, 32%, identify as Republicans (10%) and right-leaners (21%). Guess these folks aren’t scared of that “Civil War-like fracture” Trump was on about a few weeks ago, huh?

Pew’s September survey was split down the middle, with 50% in favor of impeachment proceedings and 50% opposed. That house remains divided, but more and more of its residents want a certain former Apprentice host fired.

Granted, a 9% increase doesn’t exactly constitute a tidal wave of support, and bizarrely, 4% of those surveyed were in favor of impeachment in September, but oppose it now. On the whole, though, Pew’s research (as well as other similar polls, including one from Trump’s beloved Fox News) suggests that the House’s impeachment inquiry, launched on Sept. 24, is continuing to gain steam—meanwhile, the president continues to melt down.

Read the complete Pew report here. This line, in particular, just about knocked us out of our chairs: “Partisanship is by far the most important factor in public attitudes about the impeachment inquiry.” You don’t say!

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