It Was a Rough Sunday for Both Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski and Lord Ramsay Bolton

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(The following post contains spoilers for both the 2016 political season and the last ‘Game of Thrones episode.)

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s erstwhile campaign manager, was fired this past weekend despite guiding the Trump campaign to a shocking victory in this year’s Republican primary. In totally unrelated news, Lord Ramsay Bolton, bastard of the Dreadfort, ruler of Winterfell, and presumptive King in the North, was eaten by his own dogs after nearly defeating Jon Snow’s army of Wildlings in pitched battle—only to be overcome by a last-minute intervention from the Knights of the Vale.

Controversy attended Lewandowski almost from the start, due to his abrasive personality and a famous incident in March when he grabbed Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields roughly by the arm and yanked her away from Trump after a press conference. Lewandowski was charged with battery for the incident. Charges were later dropped.

Ramsay Bolton was well known across the north for his sadism, starting with his torture of Theon Greyjoy—known as “Reek,” per Bolton’s directive—and continuing with his acts of sexual violence against Sansa Stark, the murder of his father Roose Bolton (who Ramsay claims was “poisoned by our enemies”) and both his wife and heir, and acts of violence against many lesser figures. Prior to his death, he slew Rickon Stark with an arrow after seemingly letting the boy escape.

Though he recovered from the battery incident, Lewandowski clashed with GOP consultant and new campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who has tried to reach out to the RNC while making Trump a more “traditional” candidate in time for the general election. Lewandowski operated from a “let Trump be Trump” playbook, and routinely clashed with the RNC, which was seen to have cost Trump establishment Republican support. Furthermore, he was reportedly despised by Trump’s children, who may have had a hand in kicking him out. Nevertheless, he masterminded the shocking primary victory, in which Trump laid waste to a wide Republican field and eventually won the nomination in a rout.

Lord Bolton, though he inspired loyalty in some corners, also had difficulty in making allies, and was known for such maneuvers as ordering his archers to fire on his own men. He was mistrusted by most of his family, including his own father—mistrust which was later validated when he murdered them all. His poor treatment of Sansa Stark in particular led to his eventual undoing, as her alliance with Petyr Baelish led to his eventual defeat at Winterfell. Still, Bolton will be remembered as a brilliant military commander and a tactical genius who defeated the army of Stannis Baratheon and would have done the same to Jon Snow if not for Baelish’s late arrival.

After his termination, Lewandowski was mocked by his enemies. Michael Caputo, one of Manafort’s allies in the Trump campaign, tweeted out a photo showing the dead witch from The Wizard of Oz. Fields, the reporter he manhandled, tweeted that Breitbart might be hiring, while Jim Baker, who was fired by Lewandowski in May, mocked him with a job offer for a minor state election in upstate New York.

Prior to his death, Ramsay Bolton was beaten to a bloody pulp by Jon Snow, and then taunted by Sansa Stark as his starving dogs were set upon him, and commenced to eat him alive.

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